Why Gratitude is Crucial During a Global Pandemic

Why is gratitude vital during a global pandemic? It is a powerful way to lift us up so that we can be of service to others. Let’s explore how we can do this and realise that from crisis comes opportunity.

Vibrational Frequency

In the midst of this awful pandemic where so many people are getting sick or struggling financially due to loss of earnings, it’s easy to become consumed with fear and anxiety and to forget about gratitude.

But the truth is, these feelings, while completely understandable, do not serve us in any way. They only serve to lower our vibrational frequency, and as like attracts like, perpetuate the cycle of negativity.

The Abraham Hicks Emotional Vibration Scale

Emotions are ranked from number 1–22 on this scale. Number one is the highest vibration, and number 22 is the lowest vibration.

The high vibration emotions are 1–7 and the low vibration emotions are 8-22

  1. Joy — Love — Gratitude — Freedom — Empowerment
  2. Passion
  3. Enthusiasm
  4. Positive Expectation
  5. Optimism
  6. Hopefulness
  7. Contentment
  8. Boredom
  9. Pessimism
  10. Frustration — Impatience — Irritation
  11. Overwhelm
  12. Disappointment
  13. Doubt
  14. Worry
  15. Blame
  16. Discouragement
  17. Anger
  18. Revenge
  19. Hatred — Rage
  20. Jealousy
  21. Insecurity — Guilt — Unworthiness
  22. Fear — Grief — Depression — Powerlessness — Victim

As you can see, fear, depression and powerlessness are right at the bottom of this scale. It is crucial in times like these of pandemic and fear to lift ourselves up out of the doldrums of negative emotions and low energetic frequency. We cannot be of service to others and the world if we are residing in such a low vibration.

Practice gratitude daily

How Do We Ascend the Emotional Vibration Scale?

The fastest way to raise your vibrational frequency is to practice gratitude. As you can see from the scale, gratitude is right at the top of the scale. Now I know that might sound difficult at a time like this, especially if you or your loved ones are facing illness or financial instability.

It may feel on the surface that there isn’t much to be grateful for. But I promise you, there is. Each and every one of us can find a multitude of things in our lives to bring into our gratitude practice. Every single day, even in the midst of a global pandemic.

A few years ago, when I was in the grips of severe stress, depression and anxiety, it was the practice of love and gratitude that saved me. It was HARD for me to list things that I could be grateful for when I was in such a dark place. But I held on tightly to the love and gratitude I have for my son, who was just a toddler at the time, and that helped to pull me up out of the abyss and back into the light. Slowly, a little bit at a time, I was able to start meditating again, and finding small things each day to be grateful for. This was the start of my healing journey.

I’m telling you this because I want to illustrate that even from a place of such extreme low vibration, of anxiety, fear and overwhelm, it is possible to move up the scale towards the positive emotions of gratitude and love.

Every day, try to find a handful of things that you are grateful for. Some of the things that came up for me today were my warm home, my family and pets, my nourishing food, chocolate, coffee, safe drinking water, my creativity and freedom of expression, my soft fluffy slippers, my senses and that I am able to use my body, the fresh clean air that I breathe, how I can stay connected with people via the internet and my mobile phone.

A simple gratitude practice: Take a notebook and pen and write down whatever comes to mind for you that you feel thankful for today. Then close your eyes and feel that gratitude inside your heart, and breathe into it. Feel it spreading through your body, warming you and raising your vibration. Sit with it for as long as you like, and then take a deep breath and open your eyes. If you can make this a daily morning or evening gratitude ritual, you will soon begin experiencing the benefits.

gratitude for the lotus flower

From Crisis Comes opportunity

Once you have started to raise your vibrational frequency, you will be able to see the blessings and opportunities that have arisen from this pandemic crisis, and in everyday life. The lotus flower, whose roots reside in the mud, follows the sunlight through the swirling water to bloom into her magnificence on the surface. We can take inspiration from this. We can follow the light, navigate the muddy waters of life and realise the opportunities that lie before us. Gratitude and love are that light.

A Matter of Perspective Perhaps?

Can we see the seemingly negative things in a different way? Can we find the hidden opportunities, or simply the important lessons that this shift in lifestyle presents?

Do we see isolation and boredom? Or can we view this as a chance to rest, practice self-care, and deeply connect with our children and partner? To start a creative project, learn a new skill or finally do those home improvements we haven’t had time for?

Do we experience frustration and fear about not being able to go to work? Or can we use this as a lesson to seek new ways to create income? To learn the importance of not relying solely on one financial source? To use our creativity, passions and skills to help others and create income at the same time?

Do we see loneliness and disconnect? Or do we marvel at the beauty of new community focused groups springing up on social media with the intent of helping those in need? I was invited to one of those for my local area. A lady set it up because she had seen several posts on Facebook from people needing medicines and certain foods who could not get out to buy them. How wonderful to see people coming together to help each other like this.

Sadly, it often takes something severe that shakes up the status quo to make us open our eyes to the beauty that surrounds us. A powerful jolt that disrupts our normal routine can sometimes be just the thing we need to open our eyes to new possibilities and ways of being.

Pandemic is like ligtening

Negative Emotions Are Part of Being Human

Just to be clear, I am in NO WAY AT ALL making light of the seriousness of this pandemic. The loss of life and economy is utterly disastrous and shockingly sad. I am simply saying that we cannot help ourselves or anyone else if we wallow in self-pity and sorrow. Of course, these feelings will come up as a response to what is happening and the results of the pandemic. That is a normal part of being human.

But what I have been practicing over the last few years in my own personal development and mindfulness practice, is to acknowledge these feelings and then let them go. What we tend to do as humans is to cling on to them, and after a while we begin to identify with them. I have been there and I know it all too well. In the beginning it is hard to just let these feelings go, but like any new skill, it will get easier with practice.

When I feel negative emotions now, I don’t try and block them out. That causes a negative charge in itself. I acknowledge the emotion for what it is, and I allow it to move on through. I then return to my gratitude practice to raise my frequency again. At the start it took conscious effort to do this, but now it comes naturally to me. Believe me, it is worth the effort. And this pandemic gives plenty of opportunity to practice.

A Pandemic of Hope and Change

When we can consciously move away from low vibrational frequency and rise up higher, we are also benefitting those around us. This is called the ripple effect. Positivity and joy are contagious. If we are a beacon of high vibrational frequency, like a virus, the people we come into contact with will catch it too. We need that more than ever. We need change more than ever.

Even before this awful pandemic, we were faced with a broken political system, a climate emergency, and dare I mention the word… Brexit. We need people to spread positivity and light. We need people who are brave enough to step into authenticity and shine their light brightly into the world. We need people to not be afraid of judgement anymore, to share their voices, stories, unique talents and gifts for the benefit of all. By doing this, we give others permission to shine too. And we need that light. It can create a pandemic of hope, of change and of love.

So, if out of these tragic circumstances you can begin or rekindle your gratitude or meditation practice, connect with your neighbours via social media, find inspiring and fulfilling new ways to create income, spend time reconnecting with your loved ones and yourself, learn something new, create something new, take the chance to rest and heal, or even just view life from a different perspective, you will be making a worthwhile contribution. And you will benefit others because you will be stepping into your authentic self, raising your vibration and saying yes to change.

Let’s practice gratitude for these opportunities and open to the energy of transformation. Let’s join hands and embrace the change with open hearts. Hearts that contain the Buddha’s wisdom of impermanence, rebirth, and new beginnings. From crisis comes opportunity.

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