3 Autumn Self-Care Rituals to Nurture Your Inner Goddess

Autumn self-care

We’ve recently celebrated the Autumn Equinox and I can definitely feel the autumnal chill in the air. As the nights become longer and the days shorter, self-care needs to become a bigger priority, especially if you struggle with the cold and dark months. Read on to discover my favourite autumn self-care rituals that keep me feeling calm and balanced as we move toward the end of the year. These practices will help you to feel like an Autumn Goddess.

The Importance of Autumn Self-Care

I am most happy when the sun is shining and nature is in full bloom. As the summer begins to fade and the temperature drops, so does my mood. I feel a sense of sadness when it’s time to say goodbye to the warmth of the summer sun. And although I value the cycles of nature, I can’t help feeling a little bit of despair when I think of the long cold winter months ahead.

Seasonal Depression

For those who struggle with seasonal depression, SAD, and the overwhelm of the run-up to Christmas, spending time on autumn self-care will be extremely helpful. It is super important to honour and protect the light within when the light without begins to fade – it’s all too easy to slip into your own world of darkness.

I have learned over the years that in order to safeguard myself against a fall into depression, I must spend more time nurturing and healing and soothing myself. I must honour my inner Goddess and prioritise my self-care at this time of year.

Power of Transformation

Having said all that, I think that the changing of one season into another holds a lot of power that can be used for healing and for personal and spiritual growth. Committing to working on your continued development is an act of supreme self-care.

You can harness the power of seasonal transformation to assist you in your autumn self-care and healing endeavours. When you connect to the shifting energy of the season, you connect with nature and the universe. You engage in spiritual self-care and thus honour your higher self, your inner Goddess.

autumn self-care
Tune into the power of seasonal transformation

Lessons From Autumn

Traditionally, the season of late summer would have been a very busy time of harvest and winter preparations. People would be taking stock of their food supplies to carry them through the harsh winter months. Then, as the weather turned colder and there was no more harvesting to do, it would have been time to slow down, reflect on the year, and spend time with family.

Nowadays, we buy our food from the supermarket and we can buy it in abundance all year round so we have lost touch with the old ways. But that was the way of life for thousands of years and comparatively our modern way is very new. Because of this, our instincts and deep needs are still intrinsically linked to the old ways and the cycles of nature, and by honouring this we can create much better physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health.

Mirroring Autumn Energy

Autumn is a time of releasing, slowing down and letting go. Nature is casting off dead leaves and retreating into the earth to rest and regenerate. Find ways to mirror the energy of autumn. Some ideas you can try:

  • Review your schedule and eliminate or delegate unnecessary tasks
  • Slow down – bring mindfulness into your every activity. Mindfulness slows you down and enables you to be 100% present
  • Go to bed earlier – create a nurturing bedtime ritual
  • Let go of things you no longer need – physically by donating unwanted items and mentally by releasing old thought patterns and toxic emotions
  • Practice gratitude for all the beautiful things this year has brought you so far
  • Appreciate the stage of life that you are in. Whether you’re in the spring, summer, autumn or winter of your life, know that everything is as it should be in this sacred cycle of nature
  • Build time into your day or week to spend time alone and with nothing to do. Wrap up and get cozy warm and simply rest, read, journal, or snooze
  • Visit your local park or forest and notice all the changes of autumn – the crisp air, the beautiful reds, golds, browns, yellows and oranges of the trees, the crunch of the leaves underfoot

Autumn Self-Care Rituals

Practicing autumn self-care by tuning in to the energy of the season is a great way to alleviate the post-summer blues. You can turn these simple acts into beautiful self-care rituals by adding in nurturing activities. Here are three of my favourite autumn self-care rituals.

Let Go Like the Leaves

We can learn the valuable lesson of letting go gracefully of that which we no longer need. For this autumn self-care releasing ritual you will need:

  • Your journal
  • Pen or pencil
  • Reusable bag
  • Blanket or two
  • Lighter or matches
  • Fireproof bowl
  • Bottle of water

Follow these steps:

  1. Wrap up warm, grab your supplies, and head out to your local park or forest. You’ll need to do this in a space that isn’t a fire risk, and on a day where there’s not much wind as you’ll be burning leaves.
  2. Spend some time walking in nature. Notice the colours, the aromas, and all the beautiful changes that are happening around you.
  3. Collect some leaves in different autumn colours.
  4. When you feel ready, sit down (bench or blanket) and wrap yourself in your blanket if you feel chilly. Now look at the items you have collected. Think about how they were once useful, but now they have served their purpose. The tree or plant no longer needed them, and so it gracefully let them go to make way for the new growth after winter’s rest.
  5. Journal about the things that you are needlessly holding onto that, like the trees, you can gracefully release. Make a list, the things can be big or small, it doesn’t matter, just write whatever feels right in your heart.
  6. Pick the most important ones and write them on your autumn leaves, one to a leaf. One by one, roll them up and light them, imagining the energy of the thing you are releasing leaving you and being sent back to the universe as the leaf burns and disappears. Keep the water closeby in case you need to extinguish a leaf quickly.
  7. Ensure that all fire and embers are out, using your water to douse the ashes if needed. I stress again: make 100% sure you are in a safe place with no wind when you do this ritual. If it is not safe or legal to do this in a public space, do it in your garden if you have one. If you can’t do it outside, you can do it in your sink or bath.
Nature knows that to let go of the old is to make space for the new

The Golden Goddess

Gold is one of the colours of autumn and it is a colour that makes me feel happy and joyful. It is also the colour of royalty and celebration, and this ritual is a celebration of you, Goddess. For this autumn self-care and self-love ritual you will need:

  • Your favourite bath ingredients that make you feel like a Goddess (think Epsom salts, bath bombs, essential oils, rose petals, candles, crystals)
  • A special body moisturiser. I love this organic wild rose body oil
  • A gold candle
  • A piece of rose quartz
  • Some autumn leaves, pinecones, anything that represents nature in autumn to you
  • Your journal
  • A pen or pencil

Follow these steps:

  1. Arrange the autumnal items around your gold candle on your altar or on a surface in your sacred space/most relaxing room. You will be sitting here and writing so ensure it is a place where you’ll be comfortable. You could simply place your items on your bedside table, or at your desk.
  2. Take a candlelit bath. Make it as luxurious as you can, using all your favourite bath things. Place your piece of rose quartz in the water. Spend a minimum of 20 minutes enjoying the warm water and feeling your beautiful body relax and absorb the loving vibes of the rose quartz. Feel free to play soft music but don’t do anything too distracting, you’re aiming to get yourself into a calm and relaxed state of mind.
  3. Get out of the bath and dry yourself with a warm fluffy towel. Also, remove the rose quartz and dry it.
  4. Massage your special lotion or oil into your body. As you stroke each body part, tell it something you love or appreciate about it.
  5. Don your coziest pyjamas, most sumptuous robe, or stay naked if you feel comfortable doing so.
  6. Take your rose quartz and set it in front of your gold candle. Light your candle and see the flame as your own inner light and beauty.
  7. Spend a few moments looking at the candle and the autumn items in front of you and appreciate that you are part of nature, and just as beautiful. Feel the warm loving glow from the candle and the crystal infusing into your being, warming you and opening your heart centre.
  8. When you feel ready, open your journal and write a love letter to yourself. Include the thoughts you had about your body when you were massaging in your body lotion, and mention all the things that you appreciate about your character and personality. If you find this hard, think about the compliments you get from others, and all the things you do to help people, your achievements, your values, etc.
  9. When this is complete, snuff out your candle (use a snuffer rather than blowing it out as it’s more respectful to the element of fire), and keep your piece of rose quartz by your bed to remind you of how beautiful and wonderful you are.
Rose petal bath
Bathe like a Goddess

Gratitude Soup

Food is a wonderful way to celebrate the turning of the seasons, and to show gratitude and appreciation for yourself and your loved ones. For this autumn self-care and gratitude ritual you will need:

  • Ingredients to make an autumnal soup, such as a warming spiced pumpkin or squash soup or root vegetable and pearl barley stew
  • Soft music, candles, incense, anything you like to set a meditative atmosphere

Follow these steps:

  1. Ensure your cooking space is clean and clutter-free. Gather everything you need and set the scene using music and candles if that feels appropriate to you.
  2. Chop the vegetables and put all your ingredients in your cooking pot, according to the recipe.
  3. As you stir your soup think about all the things that happened this year that you are grateful for. Big and small, don’t leave anything out.
  4. Feel the gratitude opening your heart centre and all your love and appreciation pouring out into your soup.
  5. When your soup is ready, sit quietly and eat it, reflecting on ways in which you can share your blessings and good fortune with others over the winter months. You can begin by sharing some of your delicious gratitude soup with them!
Autumn self-care - gratitude soup
Autumn self-care – gratitude soup

Final Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed this article on how I practice autumn self-care, and I hope that it inspires you to make self-care a priority for yourself this season. Every change, even if it doesn’t feel good at the time, is an opportunity for healing and growth. Every leaf that falls can teach us the power of letting go, every warm bath can be an opportunity for self-celebration, and every meal can be a manifestation of gratitude and love.

Enjoy practicing autumn self-care, and please comment below and let me know some of the ways you like to honour yourself at this time of year. Also let me know if you try any of my rituals, and how it goes, I would love to hear about it. Don’t forget to read my disclaimer about mental health and getting the help and treatment you need.

Love and blessings,

Natalie x

P.S. Don’t forget to download your free self-care planner.

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