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Natalie Heath - Founder of Dharma Not Drama

I’m Natalie and I’m delighted to welcome you to my blog Dharma Not Drama. I am a yoga and meditation teacher, holistic health and life coach, author and poet. I live in Brighton, United Kingdom with my husband and nine year old son.


My Story

I have been on the spiritual path since I was a child. I remember chanting Buddhist mantras with my mother at her shrine when I was around eight years old. Also, my mother is a gifted tarot reader and provided professional readings from our home for a number of years. I used to love it when it was my turn to sit down with her and have my cards read. I really resonated with the beautiful and richly symbolic images and the mystical messages the cards had for me. These experiences sparked my initial interest in Buddhism and the esoteric arts and I began self-study and meditation when I left school in 1998.

Reading about the Dharma (the Buddhist path to enlightenment) and practicing meditation evoked an extremely strong feeling of ‘coming home’ within my heart. I felt like I was revisiting something that was already deep inside me, but perhaps something I had lost touch with over time. I found that my life was infinitely enriched by bringing the esoteric and occult arts into my practice, and filled my world with crystals, divination, magic, and attuning to the cycles of nature and the moon.

Continuing my spiritual journey, I began to attend meditation, yoga, and spiritual retreats and workshops, both in the U.K. and overseas. Having the opportunity to practice and study with likeminded people was such a blessing and it inspired me to find local groups to practice with.

I trained as a yoga teacher, choosing seasonal yoga as my yoga type. Seasonal yoga blends yogic wisdom and practices with traditional Chinese philosophy, to honour the cycles of nature and nourish your body with the appropriate exercise, food, lifestyle adjustments, and spiritual practices during each season.

When I moved to Brighton in 2014, I began attending classes at The Brighton Buddhist Centre. I also began to study Buddhism in a more formal way, with their Foundation Course for Mitras. I have been a Mitra with the centre since 2016 and have attended many courses, regular meditation classes and Sangha retreats. For two years I also taught weekly yoga classes at the centre.


Why I Started Dharma Not Drama

I decided to create this blog because I wanted a space to share everything I have learned on my own journey with spirituality, healing and mental wellness. I have written a book about my personal experiences with depression and anxiety, and the spiritual and personal development techniques I use to heal from past trauma, manage my mental wellbeing, and honour my own unique story.

While researching that book I discovered that so many people have had similar experiences to me – mental and emotional wellbeing issues brought on by the stressful demands of modern life. Also, I have found that many sources of the ancient wisdom and spiritual philosophies that can help us to overcome these issues are not that easy to understand and apply to our busy contemporary lives.

That is why I named the blog Dharma Not Drama – because I wish to help people to easily embody spiritual, personal development and self-care principles so that they can overcome the drama in their lives and create emotional resilience. Spirituality, meditation, and personal development techniques have been instrumental in my own experiences with managing mental wellness issues, and I continue to use these principles today to manage my mental and emotional health.

I do not subscribe to religious dogma – I trust my intuition to guide me to the spiritual practices that are the most valuable and nourishing to me at the time. I believe in being empowered to create our own eclectic mix of spiritual practices and ideals. In doing so, we become more in tune with our inner wisdom and higher self, which, after all, is part of sacred universal energy and divine cosmic consciousness.

Being guided to explore spirituality and personal development in an open-minded and curious way, we remove the blockages and obstacles that can come from having to subscribe to a specific set of rules or beliefs and the constricting labels that naturally come with such strict dogmatic principles. So, my advice is to dip your toes in the waters of universal spirituality and find your own unique expression.


What I Hope to Achieve with Dharma Not Drama

I want to share the age-old philosophies and practices of spirituality along with other personal development methods and self-care activities that have been so useful to me. Everything we do is a choice, even though sometimes it may not feel that way. Whether or not we know it, we have created the lives we live.

Fortunately, we have so much more control over our lives and our wellbeing than we realise. We can choose how we respond to others and we can choose to practice self-care. We have the power to use our energy to manifest the lives we wish to live, and that, I believe, is part of every human’s purpose. 

We release our grip on those small issues that can become big dramas and instead focus on improving ourselves and our lives. Spiritual practices such as meditation, divination (tarot, dowsing, etc), magic and ritual, as well as philosophies such as Buddhism and yogic wisdom, help us to zoom out and see the bigger picture. We do not get caught up in the petty dramas that plague the mundane existence, the life without spiritual connection and higher meaning. In making these choices, we cultivate Dharma, not Drama. 

I hope that through this website I can empower you to live a more mindful, joyful life, full of wonder, exploration, and self-realisation. I hope that by sharing my own experiences and insights, you can see that you are in control of your own mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing and that there are SO many ways in which you can enrich your life and take charge of your own holistic health and wellness.

You are a beautiful, divine being, here to live, love, learn, and grow. I wish you infinite wisdom and abundance so that your unique journey is as fruitful and beautiful as it can be.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you.

With love and blessings,

Natalie x

P.S. I’ve made a gift for you. It’s a free printable self-care planner and gratitude journal. Download it and start infusing self-love into your life!

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